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Cranial Perforator

    • Sharp edges cut quickly and smoothly so less hand pressure is required. Can be stopped and started as the surgeon requires.

      Non-skid tip prevents the perforator from sliding on the skull during start-up.

      Inner drill forms a bone pad to protect the dura.

Advantages of Shaver Blade:

1. More convenience for working personnel, Increased precision for surgical procedures, Savings with consumables, Shorter operation time. More remedy for the surgeons and the assistants.

2. More precision in surgical manipulations. Savings on disposable items. Shorter intervention time for surgery.

3. Our factory usually produces all types of shaver blades with a variety of teeth shapes, for example, shaver blades and burrs, Incisor Plus Elite Blades, HELICUT Burr. 

4. Processed through finish grinding, all the reducing aspect of these shaver blades are very sharp and can eliminate the burrs and cutting the smooth tissue quickly, easily, correctly and accurately. 

5. What is more, the chip removal will be smoother, and it can reduce the blocking, retailer the operation time and relieve the ache for the patients.
Arthroscopic surgical procedure is a method to visualize, diagnose, and treat joint problems. The title is derived from the Greek phrases arthron, which skill joint, and skopein, which ability to look at.

6. Arthroscopic surgical procedure is used to identify, monitor, and diagnose joint injuries and disease; or to dispose of bone or cartilage or restore tendons or ligaments. Diagnostic arthroscopic surgical procedure is performed when scientific history, bodily exam, x rays, and different exams such as MRIs or CTs do not provide a definitive diagnosis.

LZQ have various kinds of tooth forms and sizes in stock now, and can also customize any other tooth forms and sizes just according to your drawings or samples and can meet your any requirement. 
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