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  • A dental torque wrench or restorative torque wrench is a torque wrench used to exactly apply a particular torque to a fastener bolt for fixation of an abutment, dentures or prostetics on a dental implant. This ratchet is designed with a everyday strength. This tool is for dental and prosthetic use that lets in to tight and loosen up the screw with the actual•N, and an comprise normal connection adapter.
Material: two Surgical Stainless Steel. Adjustable torque wrengc and implant ratchet. Fixed and Adjustable torque wrench has ratchet with 4x4mm square conection for use with the differents surgical and prostothondic instruments. Fixed torque wrench, manufactured of Stainless Steel and Titanium, are protected in surgical boxes and has a simple maintanance process.

Adjustable torque wrench, manufacturer of Stainless Steel, should be adjustable to different values. The torque, indicated for each screw or abutment avoid micromovements and/or bacterial infiltrations. It is very necessary no longer to exceed the torque to keep away from a possible elongation and/or deformation of the factors to be tightened.
Item distributed by way of Bone System srl in the original Manufacturer bundle and with Producer's unique preparation for use.

Research crew has created over the Years a surgical set that fits to all types of implants, given that that, for all types of implants the prosthetic equipment as properly as insertion tools are the same just like pilot drill. However, due to a geometry of the implants it used to be not viable to create special drills for all variety of implants that we manufacture. Therefore the surgical set has been made from two parts:

surgical container that in its base includes all the prosthetic insertion equipment And the drill bases for use with the three kinds of implants: cylindrical conical double thread - PLUS implants. Our commitment and lengthy term strategy is to do our first-rate and constantly to enhance our implants and prosthetic components but in the identical time to do as much less as viable modifications on the surgical set in order to stay as it is: person friendly and easy working surroundings for our "old" customers and easy to take delivery of and adopt to new users.

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