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  • The taking or moving of something from one place to another. To use: Prepare an man or woman acrylic open lab tray and connect an impact coping to each implant. Use a mono-phase affect material, for example, and an acrylic, to anchor each coping to the tray. Connect the analogs and establish a stone model.
The pop-up transfer is delivered with screw and plastic cap. The switch is designed for a perfect mate to the corresponding implant analog. Transfers are designed for impressions the usage of the open-tray technique when the retentions are sharp and for the closed-tray technique when the retentions are round. The body of the transfer is made of stainless steel; the screws are made of titanium alloy.

Snap On Transfer Closed Tray Technique
This process includes taking an impact with a widespread impression tray with two one-of-a-kind transfers that are blanketed in the same analog. Pull-off transfer guarantees quick and convenient and influence taking for each patient. It is supposed for single use and made from plastic. Once the impression tray is removed, pull-off transfer remains inner the solid elastomeric affect material.

Open Tray Technique
This process involves taking an impression with a custom-made micro-perforated impact tray. It ensures foremost fit of the components and precise impression taking, defining the exact intraoral position.

Pick-up transfer comprises 2 elements: short transfer screw, and metal transfer. A long transfer screw is additionally available, offered separately and individually as required. It is blended with the analog. Different patient with non invasive implant surgical treatment being carried out in an specific location of the jaw. LZQ can customize any size you need.  Whatever mission you face as a dental professional, you can trust LZQ to supply a premium solution. We have offerings and options masking each and every factor of implant dentistry. 
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