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Cutting Tools

Cutting has been at the core of manufacturing at some point of history. For metals many techniques are used and can be grouped by means of the physical phenomenon used.
Chip forming – sawing, drilling, milling, turning etc. Shearing – punching, stamping, scissoring.

Abrading – grinding, lapping, polishing; water-jet. Heat – flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting. Electrochemical – etching, electrical discharge machining (EDM). Every technique has its limitations in accuracy, cost, and effect on the material. For example, warmness may additionally injury the fantastic of warmth dealt with alloys, and laser cutting is much less appropriate for rather reflective materials such as aluminum. Laser cutting sheet metallic produces flat parts and etches and engraves components from complicated or simple designs. It is used over different reducing alternatives for its speedy process and customizable abilities.  
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