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Hard Alloy Hob

Hard Alloy Hob


Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance. If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed).

We keep around RMB 20~30 Million turnover stock articles such as raw material ,semi-products, finished products in ordinary year , we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by customer, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance  ratio…Welcome to visit our factory.

Product Details

CNC Composite Disposable Profile Facing Cutter (HSC) (for high wear resistance and high precision composite molding). We can produce special, composite, special-shaped, super-large or ultra-small, and super-long combined forming hob series according to the dimensional tolerance requirements of drawings or samples.

We can process various types of hob cutters according to your requirements of either DIN or national standard. A grade is used for finish machining; B grade is used for rough machining (Rough machining is generally suitable for margin of 0.25~0.55 mm). We can process hobs with different outer diameter, inner hole, and number of teeth as required, and the regular module is generally 0.75~8.

Hard Alloy Hob

SKH57C: (ultra hard) specially hard & advanced high cobalt powder steel, quench hardening at HRC67°±2°(HRA83.3°~85.6°), comparing to HSS it has 2~4 times or more longer service life.

High carbon stainless steel is stainless steel with a greater amount of carbon, intended to include the higher attributes of carbon steel and stainless steel. High carbon stainless steel blades do not discolor or stain, and hold a sharp edge. Laminated blades use a couple of metals to create a layered sandwich, combining the attributes of both. For example, a harder, greater brittle steel can also be sandwiched between an outer layer of softer, tougher, stainless metal to decrease vulnerability to corrosion. In this case, however, the section most affected by means of corrosion, the edge, is nonetheless vulnerable. Damascus metal is a form of pattern welding with similarities to laminate construction. Layers of one-of-a-kind metal sorts are welded together, however then the stock is manipulated to create patterns in the steel.

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