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Peeling Inserts

Peeling Inserts


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of peeling insert, such as Peeling plate, Skinning cutter, peeling insert, paring knife, profile cutter, carbide milling inserts and DEHIDER BLADES, etc. We can also produce Smart card Milling cutter of any sizes just according to your requirement.

Product Details

This kind of peeling tools are used for processing high-strength steel (silver bright rods). Because for preliminarily producing this tool, we need to produce many also high precision molds and working fixtures to do the grinding and machining, and the qty couldn't be too small.

For this moment, LZQ is regularly producing such specifications in big batches as in this attached drawing. The peeling tool with high deviated angle is used to process single side 3~5mm high-strength steel with HRC ≥50° (namely rough machining); The other peeling tool with small deviated angle is used to process single side 0.5~1.5mm high-strength steel with HRC ≥50° (namely finish machining).

Peeling Inserts

Now LZQ owns very sophisticated skills in producing such tools, and we have been doing OEM production for an American large-scale enterprise for a long time. Our quality is better than what they ordered from Germany before but our price is much lower than Germany. So we do sincerely suggest you to use this type.

Meanwhile, LZQ is able to produce good qualified cutter holder and cutter head. We can also adopt the cutter holder and cutter head from your esteemed company (Or maybe you could send us a sample so that we can produce for you), but it’s better if use plate position which LZQ regularly produces every year.

Titanium is a steel that has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, is extra put on resistant, and greater bendy than steel. Although much less challenging and unable to take as sharp an edge, carbides in the titanium alloy allow them to be heat-treated to a enough hardness. Ceramic blades are hard, brittle, and lightweight: they may additionally keep a sharp area for years with no maintenance at all, however are as fragile as glass and will spoil if dropped on a difficult surface. They are immune to common corrosion, and can only be sharpened on silicon carbide sandpaper and some grinding wheels. Plastic blades are now not particularly sharp and commonly serrated. They are frequently disposable.

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