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Seal Ring Blades And Tool Holders

Seal Ring Blades And Tool Holders


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of seal ring tools, such as O-ring hard alloy cutters, Rubber blade, sealing element turning blade, polytef tools, EPR cutter, PTFE Seal Ring Insert, PCD inserts, PE inserts, PV blades, etc. We can also produce seal ring tools of any sizes just according to your requirement.

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Our factory produces various seal ring inserts and holders. The inserts are all made by ultra-fine micro-grain diamond tungsten steel materials imported from Germany. Excellent material selection and professional edge grinding technology (finished edge grinded by Swiss imported optical grinder) have achieved a smooth and sharp edge for products. The edge is ground to the mirror finish. If magnify 200 times, you will see the cutting edge is a complete line, the insert surface and the cutting edge are smooth and round, no gap, no serration. We mainly do OEM production for the Austria and Australia. There are a variety of specifications for you to choose from. You could directly compare with the originally imported quality. Test comparison for: sharpness, wear resistance, and lightness of cutting.

Seal Ring Blades And Tool Holders

Our products have a very high cost performance and can completely replace the imported original products. Welcome if you want to buy some for test to compare! Please inform the specific specifications. We are dedicated to serving your esteemed company!

We can produce complex, precision profile products according to drawings, samples, and requirements. Many knives have holes in the blade for more than a few uses. Holes are many times drilled in blades to minimize friction while cutting, expand single-handed usability of pocket knives, and, for butchers' knives, allow striking out of the way when now not in use.

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