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Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance. If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed). 

We keep around RMB 20~30Million turnover stock articles such as raw material ,semi-products, finished products in ordinary year, we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by customer, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance ratio…Welcome to visit our factory.

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Stone artifacts solely date returned to about 2.5 million years ago.[3] However, a 2010 study suggests the hominin species Australopithecus afarensisate meat via carving animal carcasses with stone implements. This finding pushes returned the earliest known use of stone equipment amongst hominins toabout 3.4 million years ago.

Finds of authentic tools date lower back at least 2.6 million years in Ethiopia.[5]One of the earliest distinguishable stone tool forms is the hand axe.


Up until recently, weapons observed in digs had been the only equipment of “early man” that had been studied and given importance. Now, greater tools are recognized as culturally and historically relevant. As properly as hunting, different activities required tools such as getting ready food, “…nutting, leatherworking, grain harvesting and woodworking…” Included in this crew are “flake stone tools".

Tools are the most important objects that the historical human beings used to climb to the pinnacle of the meals chain; by way of inventing tools, they were capable to accomplish tasks that human bodies may want to not, such as the use of a spear or bow and arrow to kill prey, when you consider that their tooth have been no longer sharp sufficient to pierce many animals' skins. “Man the hunter” as the catalyst for Hominin change has been questioned. Based on marks on the bones atarchaeological sites, it is now greater evident that pre-humans were scavenging off of different predators' carcasses as a substitute than killing their own food.

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