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Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance. If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed). 

We keep around RMB 20~30Million turnover stock articles such as raw material ,semi- products, finished products in ordinary year, we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by customer, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance ratio…Welcome to visit our factory.

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Mechanical units experienced a primary growth in their use in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome with the systematic employment of new electricity sources, particularly waterwheels. Their use expanded through the Dark Ages with the addition of windmills. Machine tools occasioned a surge in producing new equipment in the industrial revolution. Advocates of nanotechnology count on a similar surge as tools come to be microscopic in size.


One can classify tools according to their basic functions. Cutting and aspect tools, such as the knife, scythe or sickle, are wedge-shaped implements that produce a shearing pressure alongside a narrow face. Ideally, the edge of the device wants to be more difficult than the material being reduce or else the blade will become dulled with repeated use. But even resilient tools will require periodic sharpening, which is the procedure of removing deformation put on from the edge. Other examples of cutting equipment include gouges and drill bits.

Moving tools cross large and tiny items. Many are levers which supply the person a mechanical advantage. Examples of force-concentrating tools consist of the hammer which strikes a nail or the maul which strikes a stake. These operate by applying bodily compression to a surface. In the case of the screwdriver, the pressure is rotational and known as torque. By contrast, an anvil concentrates pressure on an object being hammered by preventing it from transferring away when struck. Writing implements supply a fluid to a surface through compression to prompt the ink cartridge. Grabbing and twisting nuts and bolts with pliers, a glove, a wrench, etc. likewise pass objects by way of some variety of force.

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