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  • Digital dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices that comprises digital or computer-controlled factors to raise out dental processes as an alternative than using mechanical or electrical tools. The use of digital dentistry can make carrying out dental methods more environmentally friendly than using mechanical tools, each for restorative as diagnostic purposes. 'Godfather' of Digital Dentistry is the French professor François Duret, who invented dental CAD/CAM in 1973.
Drill guide right here is used for a flapless surgery. It can additionally serve as a information for positioning the drill whilst measuring the thickness of the buccal bone, thereby preventing bone resorption and reducing the burden on the patient. In addition, secure drill positions can be guided to a range of cases with the aid of combining different surgical instruments (e.g., function guide, linker, and width guide).

(1) Safety
Safe operation is viable by using measuring the thickness of the buccal bone in order to stop buccal bone resorption.

(2) Reduced Pain
It is feasible to limit the burden on the affected person by using lowering the pain and swelling from a flapless surgery besides going through the incision step that is carried out throughout the accepted implant surgery.

(3) Accuracy and Diversity
An correct operation is possible depending on the bone width and implant diameter with the aid of combining the operation instruments (e.g., linker, role guide, and width guide). It can be used for a number of cases, such as single, bridge, etc.

Our guided surgical procedure package provides the precision and predictability of guided implant placement with a streamlined, single kit design. All elements are color-coded to keep away from the complexity considered with different structures whilst imparting our clients predictable implant placement for gold standard esthetic outcomes.

The Guided Surgery Kit is supposed to facilitate the advent of an osteotomy for placement of implants using a surgical guide that incorporates manufactured grasp cylinders. The bone slicing devices are intended for use in the mandible or maxilla for partially and utterly edentulous arches. Prior to use, clean and sterilize the surgical tray and instruments in accordance to the Instructions for Use included with the kit.
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