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Ball Nose Milling Cutter

Ball Nose Milling Cutter


Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and new products with any kind, any shape and tolerance. If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed).

We keep around RMB 20~30 Million turnover stock articles such as raw material, semi-products, finished products in an ordinary year, we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by the customer, so as to present you a favourable cost-performance ratio…Welcome to visit our factory.

Product Details

There are two fundamental training of the milling process:
  • In face milling, the reducing motion happens particularly at the cease corners of the milling cutter. Face milling is used to cut flat surfaces (faces) into the workpiece, or to reduce flat-bottomed cavities.
  • In peripheral milling, the cutting motion occurs particularly along the circumference of the cutter, so that the go area of the milled floor ends up receiving the form of the cutter. In this case, the blades of the cutter can be seen as scooping out fabric from the workpiece. Peripheral milling is nicely proper to the reducing of deep slots, threads, and equipment teeth.

  • Ball-Nose-Milling-Cutter

    Gang milling refers to the use of two or extra milling cutters set up on the same arbour (that is, ganged) in a Horizontal-milling setup. All of the cutters may perform the equal kind of operation, or each cutter may additionally operate an exceptional kind of operation. For example, if numerous workpieces need a slot, a flat surface, and an annular groove, a true technique to cut these (within a non-CNC context) would be gang milling. All the executed workpieces would be the same, and milling time per piece would be minimized.

    Gang milling used to be specifically essential before the CNC era, due to the fact for replica part production, it was once a large efficiency improvement over manual-milling one feature at an operation, then changing machines (or changing setup of the identical machine) to reduce the subsequent op. Today, CNC mills with automatic tool trade and 4- or 5-axis control obviate gang-milling practice to a giant extent.

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