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Abutment Depth Gauge

Abutment Depth Gauge


Application domain: for  implantology
Material: Ultra high anti-rust & high-hardness stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloy, high anti-rust stainless steel
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of dental implant tools, such as Depth gaugeP43, Parallel Pin P37, Drill Key P47, Wrench P53, Screwdriver P79, Tap P152, Lance Drill P172, Bone Drill Point P227, Abutment P25, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases.

Product Details

1. that department of the restoration arts involved with the enamel and related buildings of the oral cavity, including prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of disease and restoration of defective or missing teeth.
2. the work performed by using dentists, e.g., the creation of restoration, crowns, and bridges, and surgical tactics carried out in and about the oral cavity.
3. the practice of the dental occupation collectively.

operative dentistry concerned with restoration of parts of the enamel that are defective as a result of disease, trauma, or ordinary development to a state of ordinary function, health, and esthetics. pediatric dentistry the department of dentistry that deals with teeth and mouth prerequisites of children. preventive dentistry worried with upkeep of a normal masticating mechanism via fortifying the structures of the oral cavity towards harm and disease. prosthetic dentistry prosthodontics.

The term dentistry comes from dentist, which comes from French dentiste, which comes from the French and Latin phrases for tooth. The term for the related scientific learn about of enamel is odontology (from Ancient Greek ὀδούς (odoús, "tooth")) – the find out about of the structure, development, and abnormalities of the teeth.

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