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Parallel Pin

  • An implant alignment machine (parallel pin) in inserted into the implant website online to verify ideal alignment with adjoining enamel and adject root constructions (as printed with the aid of xrays). 
Short Positioners
Guarantee a perfect insertion in the alveolus, as they adapt to the new lengths in the surgical coaching of the alveoli for extra-short implants. Adequate for checking the course and parallelism of the implant and to manipulate the distance between implant structures or between the enamel and the implant.

Long Positioners
Adequate for checking the route and parallelism of the implant and to manage the distance between implant systems or between the teeth and the implant.
Complete answer for vital issues which would possibly happen in the prosthetics process.

A metallic rod that connects the crank pins of two or more driving wheels; - called additionally coupling rod, in distinction from the connecting rod. LZQ strives to lead the trade in cutting-edge dentistry. We trust in constant innovation, and won’t settle for anything less than excellence. In a world with many choices, LZQ’s premium products and complete digital solutions presents the Dentist with a whole package brilliant to the marketplace. You are invited to explore the technology behind our superb products and services. In the world of swiftly advancing technologies, it becomes increasingly harder to preserve easy procedures. LZQ invests extremely good time and effort to make methods as simple as possible, saving time and money for the dentist.

In regular dental implant surgery where tissue change or grafting is required, the healing cap is positioned into the implant however is protected up by means of sutured gum tissue. To expose the restoration cap and prepare the implant system for an abutment, period surgical procedure is required a second time to expose the restoration cap, permit placement of the abutment and a re-suturing of the gum tissue to create a comfortable match round the abutment.

A temporary crown is usually placed on the abutment while the gum tissues are allowed to heal for a 2nd time. The non invasive implants put off the want for this additional gum surgery.  Once the osseointegration method has been completed, the abutment is placed alongside with a temporary crown and/or permanent restoration. A brief crown is endorsed when "testing" of tooth size, form or color shading is preferred by means of the patient.  In approximately four months the affected person will whole osseointegration of the implant and finalize the therapy with placement of a new porcelain crown.
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