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Cortical bone scraper,scraper tip

Cortical bone scraper,scraper tip
For scrapping cortical bone debris in oral implants and periodontal surgery.
The cutting edge of the scraper is sharp and its head can be replaced.
The wear resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel appliances meet the requirements of class b in the heating test method as per YY/T 0149-2006.
Align the working end of the scraper with the cortical bone surface of the surgical area at an appropriate angle (≤30°), hold the handle of the scraper, and scrape the cortical bone of the surgical area by sliding the scraper. Collected into the scraper, the depth of the scraping bone is 0.5-1mm. After the collection is completed, the bone debris can be removed for the maxillary sinus external lifting bone graft.

Gentle remarks: After the operation is completed, the blood and tissue of the tool should be brushed off with a brush immediately under running water, put in an ultrasonic cleaner for 15 minutes, and rinsed thoroughly with tap water. Then use a non-metallic brush, wash it repeatedly with purified water, dry it and pack it for sterilization.

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