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Diamond saw,Diamond coated saw

This kit permits precise and standardized transplantation of bone cylinders for horizontal and vertical bone augmentation. The instruments are available in three diameters.
They are perfectly adapted to each other so that the outer diameter of the ablative bur and the size of the wheel cutter correlates with the inner diameter of the trephine. So a press fit can be produced between the cylindrical bone and the prepared recipient site. The press fit can then be strengthened with a fixation screw, which is separately available. Such precise fitting of bone cylinders lead to accelerated bone revitalization and wound healing. So a transplantable bone site is reached after only 3-4 months.
Transfer-Control Basic is an introductory system with reduced instrument set. It is suitable for the extraction of bone cylinders with diameters of 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm.

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