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Drill Sleeves

Drill Sleeves


Application domain: for implant
Material: Super-high rust-resistant high-hardness stainless steel, general rust-resistant stainless steel, titanium
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of dental implant stops and medical tools, such as: Drill Stopper P31, Side Cutting Drill P150, Osteotome P175, Cranial Bur P216, Bone Saw P250, etc. We can also produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases.

Product Details

We can make different colors & high precision shaping. We can customize with different colors (surface treatment), shapes, structures and size tolerances

Biological and physiological skills of the associated laboratories enabling to validate the capacity of osseointegration of our systems.  Clinical and practical skills of our dentists advisers ensuring the ergonomics of our products, the confirmation of our protocols and the ranges adapted to the various clinical cases.

The term dentistry comes from dentist, which comes from French dentiste, which comes from the French and Latin phrases for tooth. The term for the related scientific learn about of enamel is odontology (from Ancient Greek ὀδούς (odoús, "tooth")) – the find out about of the structure, development, and abnormalities of the teeth.

Dentistry commonly encompasses practices related to the oral cavity. According to the World Health Organization, oral illnesses are essential public health troubles due to their high incidence and prevalence throughout the globe, with the disadvantaged affected more than othersocio-economic groups.

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