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Medical Arader


Application domain: orthopedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery
Material: Ultra-high anti-rust and high-hardness stainless steel ,Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, diamond, carbide,SDC&CBNC
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical bur, such as Cutting Bur/Bone File P190, Drill Stopper P31, Drill Bit 096, Abutment/Transfer P25, Bone Saw P250, Drill Key P47Endoscopic/Arthroscopic Shaver blade P259, Bone Drill Point P227, etc. We can also produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases.

Product Details

Shank material grade:
1.General anti-rust & high rigidity (A)(regularly in stock)
2. High anti-rust & general rigidity (A) (regularly in stock)
3.Super-high anti-rust & high rigidity (AA) (require mass customization)

Process Grade:
1. General process (B) (regularly in stock)
2. General process, grinding, high concentricity& run-out (A)
3. Full finish grinding, super-high concentricity &run-out (AA) (require mass customization)

Corresponding and matching drills and tools of different types, forms, shapes, structures can be  high precisely ground to mold according to different brands and different types of implants forms, shapes, structures, etc.

The Exeter hip alternative gadget (with a barely distinctive stem geometry) used to be developed at the same time. Since Charnley, there have been continuous improvements in the plan and method of joint alternative(arthroplasty) with many contributors, consisting of W. H. Harris, the son of R. I. Harris, whose crew at Harvard pioneered uncemented arthroplasty methods with the bone bonding directly to the implant.

Knee replacements using similar science have been commenced through McIntosh in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers and later through Gunston and Marmor for osteoarthritisin the 1970s developed through Dr. John Insall in New York making use of a fixed bearing system, and via Dr. Frederick Buechel and Dr. Michael Pappas using a cellular bearing system.

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  • Medical Arader
  • Medical Arader

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