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Ent Bur

Ent Bur


Application domain: dental, maxillofacial surgery
Material: Ultra-high anti-rust and high-hardness stainless steel, Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, diamond, carbide, SDC&CBNC
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical bur, such as Cutting Bur/Bone File P190, Drill Key P47, Endoscopic/Arthroscopic Shaver blade P259, Bone Drill Point P227, Bone Fetcher P165Drill Bit 096, etc. We can also produce a whole kit of tools for customers'  surgical cases.

Product Details

Different colors of coating (mostly Black & Yellow), Different degrees of Matt/Shiny treatment. This bur offers numerous possibilities of application. The high cutting performance of the relief cut allows more efficient treatment of ceramics; the picture shows smoothening of the transitions of metal/ceramic.

Tools with relief produce a particularly smooth micrograph. During milling of ceramic materials a silky-mat surface is obtained which is suitable for glaze-firing without any additional treatment. Therefore relief tools ensure high efficiency when processing ceramic materials. Slender designs allow the use of relief tools even for highly precise work.

Adhering to the advanced comprehensive production system, LZQ possesses various precision technology production and processing capabilities. We have introduced world first-class CNC equipment, powerful high-speed compound grinding machining center and best ultra-super-fine particle high quality raw materials, high-precision (3DX technology) molding superhard & Superfine grinding. We can achieve perfect edge quality and size tolerance up to ± 0.0005mm (± 0.5μm) in fine, ultra-long, ultra-thin, ultra-abrasive, high-impact, highly complex and combined molding processing, which can realize high-efficiency and low-cost applications!

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