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Scalloped Cutter

Scalloped Cutter


Application domain: for arthroscopy endoscope
Material: Super-high rust-resistant high-hardness stainless steel, ceramics, generally stainless steel
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of shaver blades, such as Endoscopic/Arthroscopic Shaver blade P259, Bone Drill Point P227, Bone Fetcher P165, Drill Bit 096, etc. We use the material of stainless steel and ceramic.

Product Details

Our SHAVER BLADES & BURS are set apart by:
Very good cutting properties; Long service life and durability; Reusability; No metal abrasion; Well-fitting couplings

The benefits to you:
More convenience for operating personnel; Increased precision for surgical procedures; Savings with consumables; Shorter operation times. As customers require, we can produce blades with different materials (ceramics, high grade stainless steel, general stainless steel ... series)

Drills for bone, dental implant can be made according to the dimensional drawings or samples from the customer for every kinds of special and complex design. In order to ensure ultra-high-precise straightness-, concentricity⊙, roundness O , cylindricity , etc., the outer circle of the inner blade and the outer blade need to be superfinished repeatedly on the CNC equipment after being welded, so we do not recommend knurling, because it is easy to be ground off after knurling.

Welding with super sharp edge, ultra-high precision internal and external matching, superhigh rust resistance, superhigh hardness, wear resistance, high impact resistance, superhigh toughness and superhigh strength.

Many invasive spine procedures involve the elimination of bone, muscle, and ligaments to access and treat challenging areas. In some cases, thoracic (mid-spine) prerequisites require a doctor to get entry to the trouble vicinity thru the rib cage, dramatically lengthening recovery time.

Arthroscopic processes (also endoscopic spinal procedures) permit get admission to to and cure of spinal prerequisites with minimal harm to surrounding tissues. Recovery times are noticeably decreased due to the fantastically small dimension of incision(s), and many patients are treated as outpatients. Recovery costs and instances range according to condition severity and the patient's common health. An arthroscope makes use of optical fibers to form an photograph of the damged cartilage, which it sends to a tv screen that helps the general practitioner perform surgery.

Diagnostic arthroscopic surgical procedure ought to now not be performed unless conservative therapy does no longer restoration the problem.

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