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Taper Shaver Blade

Taper Shaver Blade


Application domain: for arthroscopy endoscope
Material: Super-high rust-resistant high-hardness stainless steel, ceramics, generally stainless steel
LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of shaver blades, such as Endoscopic/Arthroscopic Shaver blade P259, Bone Drill Point P227, Bone Fetcher P165, Drill Bit 096, etc.  We use the material of stainless steel and ceramic.

Product Details

(Ultra-sharp cutting edge & ultra-high anti-rust (AA) & ultra-high wear-resistant & ultra-high precision cooperation of inner tubes and outer tubes)
Ultra-high anti-rust & ultra-high wear-resistant stainless steel & ultra-sharp edge & ultra-high precision internal and external matching(ASTM440PH/ASTMF899)

Cutting edge Material Types:
1. ultra-high anti-rust high wear-resistant stainless steel
(AA)(HRC54°±2°Section)(regular stock)
2. general anti-rust ultra-high wear-resistant stainless steel

Resectors simultaneously resect tissue and coagulate bleeding vessels, to help increase procedure efficiency and maintain visual clarity throughout the procedure. In addition, the bipolar design eliminates the need for a ground pad. The narrow gap between inner and outer cutting surfaces provides aggressive resection of soft tissue in knee and shoulder. Extremely effective on meniscus and plicae.

For tough cartilage and ACL stump debridement. New, aggressive design shortens time for extensive synovectomy. For safe, selective debridement of patellar chondromalacia and general selective tissue debridement.
Smooths tissue edges. In batch order, if necessary, we can help customers open mould and finish the injection molding part or finish the machining shank part in batches

Meniscal tears
One of the important reasons for performing arthroscopies is to repair or trim a painful and torn or broken meniscus. The technical phrases for the surgical operation is arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM). Arthroscopic surgery, however, does not appear to end result in advantages to adults when carried out for knee ache in patients with osteoarthritis who have a meniscal tear. This can also be due to the fact that a torn meniscus may also frequently not motive ache and symptoms, which may also be brought on by using the osteoarthritis alone. Some corporations have made a robust recommendation in opposition to arthroscopic partial meniscectomy in nearly all patients, declaring that the only group of sufferers who may - or may no longer - advantage are those with a real locked knee. Professional knee societies, however, highlight different signs and symptoms and related factors they agree with are important, and continue to guide limited use of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy in cautiously chosen patients.

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