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LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Abutment P25, Cutting Bur/Bone File P190, Drill Stopper P31, Drill Bit 096, Lance Drill P172, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers’surgical cases. 

Product Details

Placement of the Healing abutment
After radiographic verification, a healing abutment screw is then placed, after uncovery two stage surgical protocol. Or in lieu of a Cover screw in a single-stage (non submerged) protocol.
Following seating, irrigate the surgical site and adapt the soft tissue in normal surgical fashion.

A gingivectomy or apically positioned flap technique may be used to reduce the soft tissue thickness and to decrease sulcular depth around the implant.  All Dentalis® keys are design that the tip is con to grab the healing cap for easy carry the Cover Screw onto the implant and thread it into place. Use the Hand Driver-tighten (10-15 Ncm ) with the 1.25mm- 050” Hex Driver. Dentalis implant is offering special tool for measuring the high level of the tissue for better esthetic result and wide range type of Healing abutment. Take precautions to prevent the Healing Abutment from being aspirated by the patient. Do not re-use Healing abutment.

Material Titanium
All implants are made from “bio-friendly“ medical titanium alloy, grade 5. Titanium’s special property of fusing to bone, known as osseointegration (“osseo” – bone; “integration” – fusion or joining
with), is the organic groundwork of dental implant success. That's due to the fact when tooth are lost, the bone that supported those tooth is lost too. Placing dental implants stabilizes bone, preventing its loss. Along with replacing lost teeth, implants help maintain the jawbone's structure and density. Dental implants help you eat, chew, smile, discuss and seem to be totally natural. This functionality imparts social, psychological and physical well-being. A ordinary implant consists of a titanium screw (resembling a enamel root) with a roughened or easy surface.

Guide depth stop ring connector   /   Guide ratchet adapter for connector
Positioning needle   /    Drilling guides
drill guide   /   Tube Adapter
Guide master sleeves   /   3D drill guide
3D printed drill guide   /   Guide tissue punches
Guide center drill   /   Medical Reamer guide
Medical Reamer handle   /   digital surgical drill guide

Multi-picture display

  • Titanium Alloy
  • Titanium Alloy

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