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LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Abutment P25, Cutting Bur/Bone File P190, Drill Stopper P31, Drill Bit 096, Lance Drill P172, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases.

Product Details

  • suitable for all of the P1 and P7 diameters.
  • Impression transfer is appropriate for all of the P1 and P7 diameters. Suitable for the open tray. Included special hand screw for closing.
  • No particle shedding or flaking
  • For esthetic result use appropriate Healing caps type, selected height a function of the thickness  of the gums. Select the emergence profile that best suits the site being restored.
  • Implant analog is suitable for all of the P1 and P7 diameters. The analog is suitable to permit training of lab models.
  • We would like the opportunity to provide you with your precision attachment, implant, and prosthetic forte needs.

Non-Hex Abutment
1. The use of non hex Abutment is for connecting two implants or more by using a permanent rod. The threaded type abutment has neither screw nor hex Can be use in permanent and final restoration.
2. Use the Hand Driver-tighten with the 1.25mm- 050” Hex Driver.
3. Made of Titanium Grade 5

The anatomic anti-rotation abutment follows the structure of the gum line for cemented reconstruction.
Drill stopper   /   Loading Twist Drill   /   Cortical Bone Profile Drills
Final sinus drill   /   Precision drill
External Hex Driver    /   Thomas spanner Key
Impression transfer for flat connection abutment
Screw for Open Transfer   /    Mini technician screw

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