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LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Screwdriver P79, Wrench P53, Lance Drill P172Bone Drill Point P227, Chip Collection Drill P098, Bone Fetcher P165, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers’surgical cases.

Product Details

Attachments is intended for use with partial dentures or full  overdentures with more than two implants. This attachment abutment type can increases the available opportunities for removable implant prosthetics,  through it's low vertical height profile, range of divergence, dual retention,  and self-aligning ability.

This type of properties makes the Locator easy for patients to use, easily seat the overdenture without attaining accurate alignment of the attachment components. It is even possible to use them on implants with a divergence of up to 40º degrees. It also offers three options for the fabrication of a resilient attachment on an implant-supported cast alloy or milled titanium bar.

Abutment for casting
Plastic abutment for casting with inside hex or except hex.
- The sleeve with the hexagon is suitable for make the metallic casting for the crown.
- The sleeve without hexagon is appropriate for make over denture bar metal.
A plastic casting abutment with titanium base and hex.

Abutment for bars
A plastic abutment for casting with titanium base & hex. Removable denture bridge and bars.

Dental technical driver/hand driver for abutment   /   CLIP TRANSFER
Impression transfer for flat connection abutment
Pick-up Impression Transfer   /   Abutment remover for tapered implants
Medical hex-tipped screwdriver   /   Implant Mount driver machine
Dental Mountless driver hand   /   Mini prosthesis screw
positioner / technical screw

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  • Titanium Alloy Parts
  • Titanium Alloy Parts

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