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Hard Alloy Screw

Hard Alloy Screw


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Kirschner wire P179Tap P152, Lance Drill P172Bone Drill Point P227, Abutment, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases. Cover Screw Include with all implants. Use the Hand Driver-tighten with  the 1.25mm- 050” Hex Driver.

Product Details

Cover Screw Caps for two-stage protocol
Purpose: Protects prosthetic-platform in two-stage (submerged) surgical protocols.Irrigate implants to remove blood and other debris, Remove Cover Cap from implant vial with 0.50”(1.25mm)Hex Driver, Hand- tighten(10-15 Ncm) utilizing 0.50”(1.25mm)

Hard Alloy Screw

Hex Driver An Antibacterial paste may be places on the end of the Cover Screw Cap to help decrease the risk of bacterial growth within the implant body during the healing phase. Following placement of the Cover Screw Cap, the surgical site should be irrigated and soft tissue adapted in a normal surgical fashion.Take precautions to prevent the Cover Screw Cap from being aspirated by the patient.

Depth gauge
• Use as drilling depth measurement and dimension of gingival height.

Ratchet Wrench
• Only surgical limitless wrench. (If excessive torque is applied, the interior of bone or fixture might also be damaged.)
• Rotating path is marked via an arrow for convenient identification.

Torque Wrench
• 10, 20, 30Ncm Torque
• The product should be cleaned after use, and then sterilized for storage.

Implant Drivers for Torque Wrench
Handle for Hex Drivers
Tissue punch for flapless surgery
Drill extension contra angle handpiece
Guide tissue punches

Multi-picture display

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