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Turning-Milling Compound

Turning-Milling Compound


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Kirschner wire P179Tap P152, Lance Drill P172Bone Drill Point P227, Abutment, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers’surgical cases.

Product Details

1.25 mm Hex Screwdriver 
- Used for: Cover screw, implant mount, healing abutment, impression coping, tapered abutment, ball abutment, prosthetic screw, twist drills with stop Screwdriver tip 
- Used with: ratchet wrench, torque wrench, hand wrench
Cleaning and disinfection: Automated
Washer / Disinfector:
Place the cleaned ratchet components shop on the mountings in a wire basket. Do now not overload basket. Start program. After rinsing there follows a chemical cleansing at 40° to 60°C. Residues from the cleaning procedure has to be removed reliably in the after-rinsing cycle. Corrosion via neutralizing reagents has to be avoided. 

Turning-Milling Compound

Disinfection is reached via 90-95°C.A fterwards the parts were dealt with deionized water followed through an effective drying. The parts need to be eliminated from the washer/disinfector immediately after stop of program. Maintenance, manage and purposeful testing Cool down the components at room temperature. Inspect them visually and macroscopic on residues of protein and other contaminations. If vital perform reprocessing manner again. Assemble ratchet and make a useful testing.

Internally irrigated sugical drills/ Surgical drills for guided surgery
Surgical Ratchet Wrench   /   Externally Cool Twist Drill
Externally Cool Twist Drill   /   Accudrill Bit
Optional-Tap for cortical bone   /   Dedicated Taps

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