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Sandvik Bioline

Sandvik Bioline


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Guide Drill P108, Profile Drill P144, Parallel Pin P37, Drill Key P47, Lance Drill P172, Kirschner Wires P178, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers'surgical cases.

Product Details

It is a important part of the dental handpiece. With the principle of providing exquisite service and perfect products for all the distributors and agents, our company take dental turbine handpiece as the essential direction, taking the way of Intensive development. Our main products include dental high-speed turbine handpiece series, dental low-speed turbine handpiece, oil spray, related accessories, we are also pleased to take business of OEM business.

- E-type connector
- Precise technology, Steady, no vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
- Suitable for any E-type handpiece accords with ISO standard
- 135°C Autoclavable, suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave

LZQ patient-specific abutments and bars are perfectly paired with our implant expertise for a tightly closed healthy with a wide-range of industry-compatible connections. Abutment blanks are produced with the interfaces by using the same manner as our stock abutments and implants prior to supra gingival customization. In addition, the robotic machining facilities for bar fabrication derive machining packages from these utilized for the manufacture of the mating multi-use abutments and implants. Our customized sketch center is handy to help create the patient-specific sketch for both restoration type. For abutments, you can additionally pick to submit your personal digital design file.

Standardized X-ray measuring probe
Direction indicate depth gauge   /   parallelism gauge
Drill extension contra angle handpiece
Drilling extension bit   /   Implant Abutment Driver Latch Style
Flat Blade Square Driver   /   External Hex Driver

Multi-picture display

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