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Bone Harvesting Drill Kit

Bone Harvesting Drill Kit

一, Product Information

Bone Harvesting Drill Kit

Application: Bone Harvesting Drill Kit can be used to remove the peripheral bone when healing abutment can't be to bottom completely due to knife-edge alveolar ridge bone barrier.

Stock sizes: φ4.7, φ6.1

Stock sizes: φ4.5, φ5.2, φ7.0

二,Products Description 

Regular stock material: Ultra-high anti-rust & high wear-resistant stainless steel (AA)(HRC54°±2°Section)

Deep groove to top, chip accumulation to the crest. (It can be with black, yellow, full matt, full shiny, partial matt + partial shiny and other surface treatment)

①   2-flute commonly-used specification: Any size series of edge diameter between Φ0.80mm~Φ5.50mm

     3-flute commonly-used specification: Any size series of edge diameter betweenΦ0.80mm~Φ7.95mm

     4-flute commonly-used specification: Any size series of edge diameter between Φ2.0mm~Φ7.95mm

②   The series with regular number of flutes, but cutting length up to 55mm and total length

       up to 65mm, processed with any step, taper angle, shape, sharpness requirements.

③   The conventional 10°~12°helical edge can be sharp, burnishing, passivated, or

       front-sharp but rear-blunt.

1.  Commonly-used edge diameter: any size series between Φ0.80mm~Φ7.95mm

2.  Conventional cutting length up to 55mm series,and total length up to 65mm, processed with any step, taper angle, shape, sharpness requirements

We can produce with super hard and super finish grinding and satisfy your requirement of any type of shank, web thickness, width of chip flute, land, drill tip, inner cooling hole, structure of cutting edge, angle of cutting edge, degree of sharpness of cutting edge, and the dimension tolerance can be up to ±0.003mm (3μm)

三,Material / Characteristics  

UNS S42000 

(Super-high rust-proof stainless steel A+) (hardened HRC60°±2°Section)

Ultra-high anti-rust, high-sharpness and super-high wear-resistant stainless steel, with super-high wear resistance (super high hardness) performance and high standards of rust and corrosion resistance. It has a service life of 2 ~ 3 times longer than that of general stainless steel. The cutting edge keeps for a super-long time of cutting sharpness. Unmarked, with 5% Neutral salt spray test (ASTM B117), it doesn't rust after 300 hours, which meet FDA high standard. If for repeated use, it is recommended to clean and dry it in time after every surgery.

Wide range of applications. With excellent abrasion resistance and sharpness, it can be used to produce extremely complex, high-precision handle shapes and formed super-sharp edge structures.

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