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Taper Drill


Application domain: for implantology
Material: Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, ceramic
LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, taper drill P126, Shank Type P22, Abutment/Transfer P25, Drill P31, Drill P098, Guide Drill P108, etc. We can also produce the complete surgical kits for customers.

Product Details

taper drill P97

taper drill P97

Welding with the super sharp edge, ultra-high precision internal and external matching, super high rust resistance, super high hardness, wear resistance, high impact resistance, super high toughness, and super high strength.

Joint supply and sales for medium and large enterprises, OEM assistance service for medium and large capitalization wholesaling. From high-end products processed by 6-axis / 7-axis linkage CNC (AAA grade), to middle-end products processed by 3-axis / 4-axis CNC (D grade), different levels of quality and different price ... Our reliable products can replace the first-class products, and we are professional in mass production, high cost-effective R & D, production & processing, as well as design revision according to drawings or samples of special, non-standard, special-shaped & new products. We can reduce the comprehensive cost greatly!

A removable implant supported denture (also an implant supported over denture is a type of dental prosthesis which is now not completely constant in place. The dental prosthesis can be disconnected from the implant abutments with finger pressure by way of the wearer. To allow this, the abutment is shaped as a small connector (a button, ball, bar or magnet) which can be connected to analogous adapters in the underside of the dental prosthesis. Facial prosthetics, used to right facial deformities (e.g. from most cancers treatment or injuries) can use connections to implants positioned in the facial bones. Depending on the state of affairs the implant can also be used to retain either a constant or detachable prosthetic that replaces phase of the face.

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  • Taper Drill
  • Taper Drill

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