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Application domain: for dental implantology
Material: Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, ceramic
LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, Ceramic Drill P100, Drill with Inner Irrigation P121, Wrench P53, Screwdriver P79, Bone Fetcher P165 etc. We can also produce complete surgical kits for customers.

Product Details

The cutting edge can be produced with different materials (ceramic, carbide, super high anti-rust, and high wear resistant stainless steel (AA), Ti, Ti alloy, generally anti-rust and high wear resistant stainless steel (A) ... series). Dental surgical drill from LZQ is high-quality.

If required, use the Counterbore to prepare the implant site for adaptation to the implant head.

At present, LZQ is good at producing tools for high-hardness, high wear-resistant and high impact-resistant products, like High-temperature alloy, Heat-resisting alloy, Vanadium-titanium alloy of nickel-iron, Stainless steel, Cobalt-based nickel alloy, Titanium alloy or other items, made of a difficult-processing material, and have done a good job. There are about 300 kinds of material we often use, like the imported ones,  HRF10/K15A(for application from super-finish machining to semi-finish machining and for high-hardness processing), MR11(for application from finish machining to semi-rough machining, and the use of hard-processing material ), H10F/PR40(for widely-used and ordinary processing application), VAR201(for high wear-resistant and chipping-resistant application), ASP60A(HSS-Co10), SKH57C(HSS-Co), ASTM440PH…totally about 300 kinds of material.

The policy of LZQ is to provide safe and high precision Dental products and services which undergoes the strictest quality control measures.

the department of surgical operation dealing with the upkeep and restoration of thefunction of the skeletal system, its articulations, and related structures. The department of remedy that deals with the prevention or correction of accidents or issues of the skeletal gadget and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

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