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Ceramic Drill


Application domain: for implantology
Material: ceramic
LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, ceramic drill P100, Guide Drill P108, Profile Drill P144, Parallel Pin P37, Drill Key P47, Lance Drill P172, Kirschner Wires P178, etc. We can also produce complete surgical kits for customers.

Product Details

Ceramic (HRA85°~94°) series, (HRC67°~84°) series.

Ceramics, crystal clear in surgery, super-beautiful. If not tipping, cutting edge sharpness hold time is super long, and its sharpness & abradability are 10~30 times higher than that of high wear resistant stainless steel. But due to big brittleness, poor chipping resistance, so less secure, generally used for high-end requirement by experienced doctors, also low penetration and relatively high cost. (The drill cleaning should be operated one by one to avoid bumping and chipping)

ceramic drill P100
Different colors for different materials

ceramic drill P100

Ceramic Drills

The innovative ceramic pilot drills are made high performance mix of Zirconia oxide and  Alumina oxide. featuring an excellent cutting performance, reduce vibration, smooth operation, it offers the possibility of working without metal, thus offering biocompatible and antiallergenic operation, Corrosion free, wear resistance can be used between 50 to 100 drills. They are ideally suited for the initial preparation of the implant site axis and depth high sharpness and optimal cutting efficiency requires about half the torque of steel drills.

The dangers and problems related to implant therapy divide into those that appear all through surgical operation (such as immoderate bleeding or nerve injury), these that happen in the first six months (such as contamination and failure to osseointegrate) and these that show up long-term (such as peri-implantitis and mechanical failures). In the presence of wholesome tissues, a well-integrated implant with splendid biomechanical loads can have 5-year plus survival fees from 93 to 98 percent and 10 to 15 yr lifespans for the prosthetic teeth. Long-term studies exhibit a 16- to 20-year success (implants surviving without issues or revisions) between 52% and 76%, with complications taking place up to 48% of the time.

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