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Bone Planer


Application domain: for implantology
Material: Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, ceramic
LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, Ceramic Drill P100, Drill with Inner Irrigation P121, Wrench P53, Screwdriver P79, Bone Fetcher P165, etc. We can also produce complete surgical kits for customers.

Product Details

Create a flat surface on the bone
Extracts desired bone with bone planer after initial drilling

Advanced-grade of stainless steel and state-of-the-art design with improved cutting geometry. Enhanced visibility - Grooved and laser-etched depth bands facilitate visual measurement along with a matte finish that aids in reducing glare for an optimal surgical experience. We can etch the depth band, specifications and item code on bone drills just according to your any specific requirement. LZQ can make drills of various shapes, like conical, straight, etc. We can sure customize any shape and size, just according to your requirement.

Material grade:
1. ultra-high anti-rust high wear-resistant stainless steel series  (AA)(HRC54°±2°Section)(regular stock)
2. general standard anti-rust, high wear-resistant and ultra-high wear-resistant series (A)(HRC45°~64°Section series)

An implant supported bridge (or fixed denture) is a team of enamel secured to dental implants so the prosthetic can't be removed by means of the user. Bridges typically join to more than one implant and may also connect to teeth as anchor points. Typically the range of teeth will outnumber the anchor points with the tooth that are directly over the implants referred to as abutments and these between abutments referred to as pontics. Implant supported bridges connect to implant abutments in the identical way as a single tooth implant replacement. A fixed bridge may additionally change as few as two teeth (also acknowledged as a constant partial denture) and might also extend to substitute an whole arch of enamel (also regarded as a fixed full denture). In both cases, the prosthesis is stated to be fixed because it can't be eliminated with the aid of the denture wearer.

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  • Bone Planer
  • Bone Planer

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