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Side Cut Drill

Side Cut Drill


Application domain: for dental implantology
Material: Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, ceramic
LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, Guide Drill P108, Profile Drill P144, Lance Drill P172, Side Cutting Drill P150, Screwdriver P79, Drill Key P47, Drill Extension P44, etc. We can also produce complete surgical kits for customers.

Product Details

Unltra-high anti-rust(AA)&high precision special nonstandard forming

Ceramic series, with ultra-low density, ultra-lightweight, and ultra-low eccentricity under ultra-high rotate speed, to solve the problem of mandrel insufficient rigidity, easy-to-beat, and vibration

We can grind different tooth profiles, tooth angles, tooth depth, and tooth sharpness according to the process rotate speed and feed ratio.

With advanced and continually updated equipment, LZQ owns the capability of producing & processing various kinds of precise tools. We can produce super-precise/super-long/super-wear-resistant/impact-resistant/high-complex combined profiling products, with perfect cutting quality and tolerance fine to ±0.0005mm(±0.5um), and what a high-efficiency & low-cost application we deliver you!

However, later lookup suggests that the preliminary balance of the implant in bone is an extra vital determinant of the success of implant integration, instead than a positive duration of recuperation time. As a result, the time allowed to heal is generally primarily based on the density of a bone the implant is placed in and the number of implants splinted together, rather than a uniform quantity of time. When implants can stand up to excessive torque (35 Nm) and are splinted to different implants, there are no meaningful differences in long-term implant survival or bone loss between implants loaded immediately, at three months, or at six months. The corollary is that single implants, even in strong bone, require a period of no-load to reduce the chance of preliminary failure.

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